Laurence Durack  ‏(I6602)‏
Given Names: Laurence
Surname: Durack

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1815 County Clare Ireland
Death: 31 July 1883 ‏(Age 68)‏ O'Connell Plains NSW
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1815 County Clare Ireland

Marriage Jane Cook - 1838 ‏(Age 23)‏ Bathurst NSW

Death 31 July 1883 ‏(Age 68)‏ O'Connell Plains NSW

Burial 2 August 1883 ‏(2 days after death)‏ OConnell Plains

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Immediate Family  (F1567)
Jane Cook
- 1885
Jane Durack
1855 - 1859
John Plunkett "Bathurst John" Durack
1857 - 1886
Emily Durack
1852 - 1924
Mary Durack
1843 - 1916
Elizabeth Jane Durack
1855 - 1874


Patsy Millett: "There was known to have been a son named Lawrence; he emigrated to South Africa with his brother Cornelius".
Laurance Durack
‏(also Laurence or Lawrence)‏
- thought to be a more distant Durack relative: not a brother to Michael and Darby; no record so far of any direct contact;
He is husband to Jane Cook; father to Mary ‏(b. 1843)‏; Catherine ‏(b.1850)‏; Emily ‏(b.1852)‏; Jane b. 1855; John P Durack ‏(b.1857)‏; Tom ‏(d.1927)‏ & Elizabeth ‏(d.1874)‏ - this is NOT the Tom : who married Mary Mason and fathered Fanny Durack ‏(Olympic swimmer)‏; that Tom ran the Newmarket Hotel in Sydney when MPD met up with him and is referred to as "a cousin of ‏(MPs)‏ father" in Sons in the Saddle]
According to PM: the records show that a "Bathurst John" visited the stations in the east Kimberley in 1924; and another John Durack introduced himself to MDM at Longreach in 1988 as the son of Bathurst John, who was born two months after the death of his father.
Alternative: Source: Janet Dillon - extracts from correspondence - 'Dame Mary Durack mentioned in an interview ‏(? Reference ?)‏ that the reason the early Duracks came to Australia was to follow a relative, one Lawrence Durack, who came to Australia as a convict, & on whose Marriage Certificate, in the space for Parents, he has '˜Government'.'
Convict: Lawrence Durack. ‏(Single)‏
Place of origin - County Clare, Ireland.
Calling/Trade - Farm labourer.
Offence - Malicious Assault.
Place and date of trial - Clare, Ireland - 8.4.1835
Sentence - 7 years.
From - Ireland.
Journey from Ireland to Australia approx. 3 months.
Date of arrival 10.12.1835.
Place of arrival - Port Jackson, N.S.W. Australia
Age on arrival - 23 years.


Ticket of Leave, Bathurst District. 25.3.1840 ‏(40/648)‏ ‏(2)‏
Laurance Durack:
Certificate of Freedom 17.2.1843 ‏(4/4380)‏ Reel1013 TL40/648

Lawrence Durack ‏(Catholic)‏ arrived in New South Wales 10th December 1835 ‏(43/0302)‏
from Clare, Ireland on the convict ship 'Hive'*; arriving at Port Jackson was listed as a Farm Labourer aged 23 years, he was a prisoner for 3 years & 3 months, he was given 'A ticket of leave' on the 25.3.1840 for 3 years. Lawrence aged 27 - 30 years applied to marry Jane Cook aged 20 years who came to the Colony per 'Bengal' 29.1.1842 as a free settler - Application
was approved.

CERTIFICATEOF FREEDOM - 17.2.1843, 7 years and 10 months after he had been
sentenced in County Clare, Ireland.

Lawrence & Jane ran the Cobb & Co. Changing Station at Meadow Flat, N.S.W, 90km east of Bathurst; just to the west of Lithgow.

V18432679 27A/1843 DURACK MARY
V18552747 72/1855 DURACK JANE
4759/1857 DURACK JOHN P
V18503211 162B/1850 DURACK CATHERINE
V18521422 69/1852 DURACK EMILY

*The '˜Hive' ran ashore south of Jervis Bay on 10.12.1835. Convicts on board were sent to
Sydney on HMS 'Zebra', schooner 'Edward' & cutter 'Prince George' several
days later. There are references on the Internet to the sinking of the 'Hive'.
and historical researcher Babette Smith is working on the story of its descendants:

Lawrence ‏(b.1812 / d.1880)‏ died aged 68 years listed as a Gentleman. Buried at Kelso ‏(just east of Bathurst)‏


‏(1)‏ Book, 'General Return of Convicts in New South Wales, 1837', edited by
N. G. Butlin, C. W. Cromwell, K. L. Suthern, entry no. 7983
‏(2)‏ NSW Government Gazette 8/4/1840 & State Records Authority of NSW Reel no. 936
‏(3)‏ State Records Authority of NSW Fiche no. 797
‏(4)‏ State Records Authority of NSW Internet site ‏(Certificate of Freedom section)‏
'Sarah Frances 'Fanny' Durack's father was Thomas Durack ‏(cousin of MPs father, Patsy)‏ a Publican ‏(Newmarket Hotel)‏ and her mother was Mary ‏(nee Mason)‏, I have tried to trace her line without great success and lots of confusion. Apparently 'Fanny' Durack ‏(who went on to be an Olympic swimmer)‏ used to train at Rose Bay in Sydney and the men in the Bar at the family hotel used to put their hand in their pocket to help pay for her fares and expenses. Having said that - Jeremiah 'Darby' Durack had a son named Thomas Durack who ran a hotel in Sydney, named something like the Cheshire Cheese?? And Lawrence ‏(Convict)‏ also had a son named Thomas Durack.'

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Close Relatives
Family with Jane Cook
Laurence Durack ‎(I6602)‎
Birth 1815 County Clare Ireland
Death 31 July 1883 ‏(Age 68)‏ O'Connell Plains NSW
Jane Cook ‎(I6604)‎
Birth Yes
Death 1885 Bathurst NSW

Marriage: 1838 -- Bathurst NSW
Daughter (Birth)
Jane Durack ‎(I6712)‎
Birth 1855 40
Death 1859 ‏(Age 4)‏
2 years
John Plunkett "Bathurst John" Durack ‎(I6605)‎
Birth 1857 42
Death 1886 ‏(Age 29)‏ NSW
Daughter (Birth)
Emily Durack ‎(I6607)‎
Birth 1852 37 NSW
Death 1924 ‏(Age 72)‏ NSW
-9 years
Daughter (Birth)
Mary Durack ‎(I6628)‎
Birth 1843 28 V1843269 27A/1843 NSW
Death 1916 ‏(Age 73)‏ NSW
12 years
Daughter (Birth)
Elizabeth Jane Durack ‎(I6629)‎
Birth 1855 40 NSW
Death 1874 ‏(Age 19)‏ NSW