James Mulcahy  ‏(I1181)‏
Given Names: James
Surname: Mulcahy

Given Names: James
Surname: Mulcahy

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 19 October 1833 35 27 Pallasgrean, Tipperary, Ireland
Death: 6 May 1895 ‏(Age 61)‏ Tatura, Victoria
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 19 October 1833 35 27 Pallasgrean, Tipperary, Ireland

Christening 19 October 1833 Parish, Pallasgreen Tipperary Ireland

Note: Sponsors at his baptism were James Reall and Maria Harty.
Occupation Farmer
Death 6 May 1895 ‏(Age 61)‏ Tatura, Victoria

Cause of death: Gastric ulcer.
Burial 8 May 1895 ‏(2 days after death)‏Cemetery: Tatura, Victoria

Note: James is buried in a common grave with his wife Bridget who died in 1925 and his mother Ellen who died in 1888.
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Parents Family  (F447)
Thomas Mulcahy
1798 - 1845
Ellena Reall
1806 - 1888
Patrick Mulcahy
1832 - 1898
James Mulcahy
1833 - 1895
Ellen Mulcahy
1837 - 1858
John Mulcahy
1844 - 1916

Immediate Family  (F617)


James arrived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on November 3, 1857. He arrived on the ship Melbourne and accompanied his mother Ellena. The immigration record describes James as a labourer, from Tipperary, a Roman Catholic, and able to both read and write and aged 24 years. The record further stated that he left the ship on November 10th on his own account. This means that he was not indentured to a particular employer. James and his mother were not indentured, and Ellena is stated to have gone with friends. These friends may have been James' siblings who had arrived in Melbourne earlier on the 'Saldanha" which arrived in June 1857. In 1858 he married Bridget Wade, and was described as living at Upper Plenty, where he was working for a man named James Hamilton.
In 1859 they were living at Kilmore and their first son was born. James was described as a farm hand, and working in the carrying business.
Early 1860's James and Bridget moved to High Camp Plain. James 'selected Block 99, close to Pyalong Village, for which he later bought the freehold for 47 pounds.
1867 James applied to select a bock of land near the Goulburn River at Wahring.
1868 sites for the towns of Wahring and Nagambie were surveyed.
1870 James obtained the lease of a neighbouring block fronting the Goulburn R.
1871 James's brother Patrick applied for the block between James's two blocks, so between them they had 200 acres of good land.
1874 James bought 220 acres from Patrick Wade downstream at Dargalong.
1874 the site for the town of Tatura chosen.
1875 The Tatura Post Office opened. The first Race Meeting was held on St. Patrick's Day. Mass was being held once a month by Fr. Basseto at Patrick Wade's farm, block 92.
1875 School opened at Byrneside.
1876 James built an "American Log Hut" on his land, which he described as "heavily timbered". The hut was 21ft by 10ft, made of logs and bark and divided into two rooms.
1876 The Telegraph Line of stage coaches linked Tatura to Seymour and the railway line to Melbourne.
1878 James had added a kitchen 20ft by 10ft and a barn 21ft by 12 ft.
1879 James bought more land from his brother who had decided to move somewhere else, and by 1884 he emerged the owner of 640 acres, originally shared by the Mulcahys and the Wades.
1879 A branch of the Catholic Education Defense Association had been established, both James and his brother in law Patrick Wade were elected to the Committee. There were lots of problems with education.
1880 the Railway Line reached Tatura.
6.5.1895 James died in Tatura, he was buried on 8.5.1895 at Tatura. The Tatura Guardian published the following obituary - We regret to have to record the demise of an esteemed pioneer of this district, namely Mr. James Mulcahy farmer of Byrneside. The sad, but yet not altogether unexpected event occurred on Monday afternoon last at 3 o'clock. The deceased gentleman had been in very indifferent health for the last three years and about two years ago he went to Melbourne to obtain advice for his complaint, an internal one, and was for a time under the care of Dr. O'Sullivan, in addition he consulted the best medical men in Melbourne and Bendigo. Mr. Mulcahy returned to his home somewhat improved, but the improvement was only temporary. At the beginning of last March he was attended by Dr's McCarthy and Park. Medical skill however could not prevent the approaching dissolution in the presence of his respected family, the spirit of the deceased gentleman passed peacefully away. Mr. Mulcahy had all the consolation of religion prior to his death, Frs O'Connell and Ryan being constant attendants at his bedside, Fr. O'Connell particularly so. A widow and grown up family of ten sons and two daughters, five of the sons being married are left to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and kind father. The family are well provided for. The late James Mulcahy was a native of Tipperary, Ireland, and came to this colony when he was about 22 years of age. He started in the carrying business, which was a profitable business in the 50's, but the deceased also carried on farming at the same time, at Kilmore and High Camp Plain. He afterwards selected land at Dargalong in 1865, and about 1874 was one of the hardy pioneers who underwent privations and hardships in building a comfortable home in the Goulburn Valley at the site of his late homestead, Berrigan Park, Byrneside. The deceased who had reached 60 years of age, was a most successful farmer and dairyman, and was possessed of a splendid constitution. He took no active part in public affairs, contenting himself with carefully husbanding his private affairs. The last tribute of respect was paid the deceased and his family, on Wednesday afternoon last, in a very marked manner. The mortal remains were followed to their last resting place in the Tatura Cemetery by a cavalcade consisting of 105 vehicles and about 40 horsemen. The cortege was the longest and most representative ever seen in the Tatura district, persons from far and near being present. The service at the grave was performed by the Rev. D.F. O'Connell who spoke of the christian resignation of the deceased and the necessity of praying for departed souls. Telegrams and letters on condolence were received by the family from friends in distant parts of the colony.

Moya Byrne: to GMS Jan2012: "described the three valleys where the Byrnes, the Mulcahys and the Mitchells ‏(Mum's favourite cousin Mollie Mitchell)‏ settled and that the Mulcahys were good farmers".
Christening Sponsors at his baptism were James Reall and Maria Harty.
Burial James is buried in a common grave with his wife Bridget who died in 1925 and his mother Ellen who died in 1888.

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Family with Parents
Thomas Mulcahy ‎(I1203)‎
Birth 1798 Pallasgrean, Tipperary
Death 1845 ‏(Age 47)‏
8 years
Ellena Reall ‎(I1214)‎
Birth 1806 26 Limmerick Co;Parish, Pallasgreen;Town, Knockanerough, Ireland
Death 5 March 1888 ‏(Age 82)‏

Marriage: 3 May 1831 -- Pallasgrean, Tipperary
11 months
Patrick Mulcahy ‎(I5744)‎
Birth 20 March 1832 34 26 Pallasgreen, Tipperary, Ireland
Death 1898 ‏(Age 65)‏ Kew, Vic Australia
19 months
James Mulcahy ‎(I1181)‎
Birth 19 October 1833 35 27 Pallasgrean, Tipperary, Ireland
Death 6 May 1895 ‏(Age 61)‏ Tatura, Victoria
3 years
Ellen Mulcahy ‎(I5746)‎
Birth 1837 39 31 Pallasgreen, Ireland
Death 18 February 1858 ‏(Age 21)‏ Kilmore, Victoria
8 years
John Mulcahy ‎(I5748)‎
Birth 21 June 1844 46 38 Golden, Pallasgreen, Tipperary, Ireland
Death 2 March 1916 ‏(Age 71)‏ Wunghnu, Vic, Australia
Family with Private
James Mulcahy ‎(I1181)‎
Birth 19 October 1833 35 27 Pallasgrean, Tipperary, Ireland
Death 6 May 1895 ‏(Age 61)‏ Tatura, Victoria