Charles David Smith
Biography of Charles Smith
Charles David Smith  ‏(I1137)‏
Given Names: Charles David
Surname: Smith

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1856 ? "Belinda" Mingenew ?
Death: 3 October 1912 ‏(Age 56)‏ Nannine WA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1856 ? "Belinda" Mingenew ?

Adoption   ? Suggestion fostered?

Occupation 20 August 1884 ‏(Age 28)‏ Stockowner Geraldton

MarriageReligious Marriage
Mary Anne Morrissey - 20 August 1884 ‏(Age 28)‏ Yarragadee

at the usual place of worship

Occupation Squatter
Death 3 October 1912 ‏(Age 56)‏ Nannine WA

Cause of death: Heart Failure
Burial 5 October 1912 ‏(2 days after death)‏ Guildford
LDS Temple: Perth, Australia

Address 1884 = Geraldton

"Fairholme" Market St Guildfordalso Ethel Creek Station
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Parents Family  (F1161)
Richard Smith
Sarah Bartram
Charles David Smith
1856 - 1912

Immediate Family  (F279)
Mary Anne Morrissey
1860 - 1895

Immediate Family  (F291)


Charles ‏(David or ?John Charles cf Joan's notes)‏ Smith born 1856, died 30.10.1912 at Nannine stock yards.

Son of Richard and Sara Smith ‏(nee Bostrom)‏ of "Belinda" Mingenew.

Charles was manager there when he married Mary Ann Morrissey of "Yarragadee" ‏(originally called 'Arigid-de'' '“ in Gaelic Arigid meaning gold or money, De' meaning 'of God' or in 'Ancient Landmarks' by M.A. Bain (p.20 '“footnote 27)‏ the following is found:'Yarracadee' ‏(Yarragathee)‏: yarra = to run; cadee = in a flowing manner; the waterhole where the river flows downhill).

Other properties owned by Charles Smith - Milgun, Ethel Creek, Sylvania, Bulloo Downs, Greenwood and Ilgarari.

Charles Smith - who had properties and cattle interests as far north as Ethel Creek - was away from home a great deal, so his wife ‏(Mary Ann)‏ and children remained at Yarragadee for some years. When it was sold, Mary Ann with her children ‏(Maud, Helen, Rita, Mary & Alma)‏ and spinster sisters moved to "Fairholme" Guildford.

Some four years after the death of his first wife Mary Ann ‏(d.10.May1895)‏, Charles married her sister, Teresa Morrissey ‏(also widowed)‏.

Charles bought "Wong Gong" near Armadale in 1906 for Teresa.

However, in the early 1900s, Charles & Teresa and her sons '“ Fred and Frank Morrissey - from her first marriage to her 1st cousin Michael ‏('Little Mike')‏ Morrissey, moved to Fairholme where she and Charles together had five more children ‏(Dorothy, Grace, Jack, Laurie & Hilary)‏.

This large extended family lived at Fairholme until it was taken over by the Military in 1942. After the war it was returned to them and Jack Smith, who inherited it, lived there with his wife and daughter until it was sold in 1950 and became a hospital.

Trove - 29Oct1912
The Late Charles Smth.
‏(From the " Murchison Times. ")‏
By many who owe him substantial
and even liberal backing in business
enterprise, and by many more- who
delighted in his fund of reminiscence,
and who loved a hard rider, a< born
stock ni an and a genius in the bush,
the death of Mr. Charles Smithy the
well-known pastoralist, will be deeply
regretted. Mr. Smith during the week
had been handling stock at Nannine,
and was making ready on Wednesday to
truck them for south. He was not in
his usual good health, but in.the after
noon took his part in the yarding with
such vigor that no anxiety was felt by
those aronnd him. However, on
Thursday morning he was found dead
in a bunk in bis tent at the stockyards,
having apparently died peacefully in
his sleep from heart disease. De
ceased was about 60 years t>f age, and
owned amongst other pastoral proper
ties Milgan ‏(Peak Hill district)‏. Mar
shes, Ashburton, Munbiiiuia^and Mee
katharra stations. At Mingeuew he
had 15,000 acres of freehold,, and of
farms his share was legion. In addi
tion lie owned residential properties in
Perth, Guildford ‏(his family, home)‏,
Geraldton, and many other places.
His turnover in cattle alone was prob
ably not less than £25,00G>a year. He
married, in the first instance, Miss
Morrisey, of Yarragade station, and
upon her decease married her sister,
Mrs. Morrisey ‏(a widow who had mar
ried her cousin)‏. The latter survives
him, and there are something like 14
children issue of the marriages. De
ceased was a most abstemious man, al
most a teetotaller, and a non-smoker.
When 19 or-20 he was earning 15s a
week, and his start towards iudepeud
enoe and fortune came when he bought
the stock, in the bush, of the Clarksons
‏(a Dongarra family)‏ who disappeared
off Milgan and were supposed to have
been killed and eaten by the blacks.

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Family with Parents
Richard Smith ‎(I5269)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Sarah Bartram ‎(I5270)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Charles David Smith ‎(I1137)‎
Birth 1856 ? "Belinda" Mingenew ?
Death 3 October 1912 ‏(Age 56)‏ Nannine WA
Family with Mary Anne Morrissey
Charles David Smith ‎(I1137)‎
Birth 1856 ? "Belinda" Mingenew ?
Death 3 October 1912 ‏(Age 56)‏ Nannine WA
4 years
Mary Anne Morrissey ‎(I1148)‎
Birth 6 May 1860 24 22 Mt Erin
Death 10 May 1895 ‏(Age 35)‏ Perth

Religious Marriage: 20 August 1884 -- Yarragadee
Family with Private
Charles David Smith ‎(I1137)‎
Birth 1856 ? "Belinda" Mingenew ?
Death 3 October 1912 ‏(Age 56)‏ Nannine WA