John Peter "Roaring Jack" Durack JP KC  ‏(I1074)‏
Given Names: John Peter
Surname: Durack
Suffix: JP KC
Nickname: Roaring Jack

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1886 33
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details

John P. Durack was at CBC on the Tce in Perth at the time of the trial of Banjo for the murder of his father Galway Jerry; details recorded p.128 of Tom&Jack by Geraldine Byrne where JP Durack ran along the Swan River bank from School to the Supreme Court and called out to Banjo: "Why did you shoot the Boss?". - "Oh Jack 1 Devil devil been jum up"!

In January 1915, Walter Dwyer and John Peter Durack formed the firm of Dwyer Durack, beginning a long and successful history.
Walter Dwyer came to Perth from a busy practice in the thriving gold mining town of Kalgoorlie, where he had been actively involved in industrial disputes within the mining arena.
After 20 years with Dwyer Durack, Walter was appointed the first President of the Arbitration Court of Western Australia. He received one of the highest recognitions when he was knighted for his services to law.
John Peter Durack was one of the original Durack family credited with opening up the Kimberley region of Western Australia in the late 1800's. Also known as 'Roaring Jack' Durack QC, he was a colourful and well-respected Perth identity. In addition to remaining with the firm for 50 years, he also served as President of the Law Society of Western Australia.

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Family with Parents
Jeremiah "Galway Jerry" Durack ‎(I1038)‎
Birth 1853 45
Death 24 February 1901 ‏(Age 48)‏ Dunham Station
Frances "Fan" Neal ‎(I1041)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Marriage: 1879
1 year
Jane Durack ‎(I1069)‎
Birth 1880 27
Death 1883 ‏(Age 3)‏
1 year
Bridget Durack ‎(I1071)‎
Birth 1881 28
Death 1884 ‏(Age 3)‏
Annie Durack ‎(I1073)‎
Birth 1884 31
Death 1898 ‏(Age 14)‏
2 years
6 years
Neal Joseph Durack ‎(I1075)‎
Birth 3 January 1892 39
Death 28 November 1920 ‏(Age 28)‏ Flooded Ord River
2 years
2 years
Vera Durack ‎(I1077)‎
Birth 1896 43
Death 1898 ‏(Age 2)‏
Family with Pleasance Rowe
Pleasance Rowe ‎(I0373)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Marriage: 1922