Samuel Joseph Jessop
Samuel Joseph Jessop  ‏(I0437)‏
Given Names: Samuel Joseph
Surname: Jessop

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 23 May 1896 48 Katamatite, Victoria, Australia
Death: about 26 July 1916 ‏(Age 20)‏ near Fromelles in the frontline trenches of Fleurbaix, France
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 23 May 1896 48 Katamatite, Victoria, Australia

Military France WW1
Death about 26 July 1916 ‏(Age 20)‏ near Fromelles in the frontline trenches of Fleurbaix, France

Cause of death: killed in action
Burial VC Corner-Aust Cem-Fromelles

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Parents Family  (F197)
George II Jessop
1847 - 1898

Step-Parent Family  (F453)
George II Jessop
1847 - 1898
Mary Deane
1844 - 1876
George Augustus Jessop
1872 - 1903

Immediate Family  (F1981)


Shared Note

He spent some time at Coonamble NSW where his sister Nellie ‏(nee Jessop)‏ Mulcahy lived.
The following details may have to be checked:
Re: Samuel "Private" No 1692 enlisted 11th May 1915, aged 18 years and 11 months, five foot eight inches, complexion dark, hair dark brown, permission signed M.Cahir‏(mother)‏. Married Mary McMahon.
Landed Gallipoli 1915 - bronchitis 15th December 1915. Auxilliary Hosp. Helliopolis-Cairo Jan 1916
Transferred to 59th Battalion 8th April 1916
Killed in action Fromelles-France 19th July 1916
Burried VC corner, Australian Cemetery, Fromelles, France. This is a lawn cemetery with names commemorated on a screen wall. See panel 16 for Jessop. The cemetery is 2 miles from Fromelles on Rue Delvas
Genealogical Directory.
DEANE 1872 + Geelong, Vic, Aus ‏(20566)‏. 1866 + Sydney. NSW. Aus ‏(20711)‏ or 1700-75 Tullamore, Kings, Off, Irl ‏(22943)‏

The Battle of Fromelles was a diversionary action to assist the British.
General Pompeyelliott pleaded with the British General H to cancel the operation as it would be a massacre.
The Germans had machine guns sited on both sides of the advance. The Australians had no chance and over five thousand five hundred were wounded, killed or missing in one day.
Elliott stressed "My beautiful boys could have done no more!"
He committed suicide in 1931 as a consequence of this.


from Tom Stephens: 20July2016: Having had the centenary anniversary of Sam Jessop's death drawn to my attention by Genevieve and Michael Slattery, and having recently cycled near to this area, I have been looking more closely at the records online and elsewhere about Mum's ‏(half-)‏ Uncle, Sam Jessop - who was a casualty of WWI near Fromelles in 1916. His death date is widely recorded as 19th July 1916; however, you will see that because of some confusion about whether he had in fact survived Fromelles, the Red Cross did some closer interviews of various soldiers who were contemporaries and at that battlefront. The report judged to be the most reliable comes from informant "Wather, S.E." which suggests that Sam Jessop was killed in action near Fromelles in the frontline trenches of nearby Fleurbaix around 26th July 1916; Sam had recently been made a Sergeant in the AIF 59th Battalion. He had the previous year fought and survived Gallipoli.

You will see below that his name will be projected onto the outside of the Australian War memorial at the times listed below over the period ahead while the centenary of this War is marked.

In the book "The descendants of George & Bridget Jessop - 150 Years in Australia 1839-1989" at p. 55 it is recorded that Sam's wife was Mary McMahon ‏(in the subsequent family tree her maiden name is given as Jacobs)‏; and the book records that they had one daughter Thelma who also died in 1916.

There is an interesting on-line record of papers that relate to Sam Jessop at the following site, which includes a copy of the letter that his mother - Rebecca nee Higgins, later Cahir - wrote, trying to ensure that her letters posted to him in 1916 got through to him; she was at that time under the mistaken belief/hope that he was held as a prisoner of war by the Germans.


These references have been usefully all added to his spot in the family genealogy that are mostly maintained by Paul Stephens.

Location on the Roll of Honour
Samuel Jessop's name is located at 168 in theCommemorative Area at the Australian War Memorial ‏(as indicated by the poppy on the plan)‏.
Plan of Commemorative area showing which panel the name Samuel Jessop's is located
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Subject: Sam Jessop
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 14:15:46 +0800

File note: Samuel Jessop

59th Bat A.I.F. '“ Jessop A ‏(deleted; S.F also deleted)‏ ‏(Samuel)‏ 1692.
‏(m. July 19th.'16)‏
Witness says he saw soldier killed in his dug-out in first line of trenches at Fleur Baix, about July 26th., '16.
Witness was close to solider at the time of his death. Soldier was with two other sergeants talking, when a shell exploded and killed all three. Soldier lived about an hour afterwards, but remembered nothing. Witness knew him well.
Description. Hgt 5ft7. Fair complexion.
Informant. Wather. S.E. 4962
55th ‏(57th?)‏ Battalion A.I.F.
Soldier was just promoted to Sergeant
February 2nd, 1917

Fromelles has a number of Commonwealth War Graves, including the V.C. Corner Australian Cemetery and Memorial on the Rue Delvas. It is visible on Google Maps and there are a number of photos of the cemetery attached there. The CWGC online site records at this cemetery Samuel Jessop as a private 1692 of the AIF with memorial reference, 16; this is a numerical reference which is associated with a large number of casualties recorded for this cemetery. Perhaps it is a wall plaque where Sam Jessop's name is included along with many other names of soldiers who were killed in action and who do not have a known individual specific burial site.
About 1.8kms away is Fleurbaix '“ which is the location of a number of war cemeteries, including the Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery; it is also visible on Google maps at Rue du Petillon Fleurbaix and there are photos there on line attached; there are a large number of individual headstones at this cemetery. The online list of the names of those buried here does NOT include Samuel Jessop.
Sam Jessop's enlistment as documented in the 'descendants of George & Bridget Jessop '“ 150 years in Australia 1839-1989' at p.55
Online at the AWM there is a set of papers from the Australian Red Cross Society that refer to Samuel Jessop ‏(1692)‏ '“ which detail the efforts taken to establish his death; these papers make it clear that earlier uncertainty was based on some confusion where there are details of another soldier with the same or similar surname, variously recorded as either Jessop or Jessup. These papers include a handwritten letter from Sam's mother Rebecca ‏(by then "Cahir", she had remarried)‏ trying to get her letters delivered to him in 1916 in the mistaken/hopeful belief that he was a German prisoner of War.

Samuel Jessop : Details from Australian War Memorial



Jessep's downunder website:


Born Samuel JESSOP 1896 1
Location Katamatite, VIC
Eyes Brown
Hair Dk Brown
Height 5' 8"
Father George
Mother Rebecca Agnes HIGGINS

Marriage Mary JACOBS 8-Dec-1914 2
Location Numurkah VIC
Thelma Dory 1915

Military Honours

Medals Awarded are:

1914/15 Star British War Medal-1914-1918 Allied Victory Medal 1914-1919

Career and General working notes 3
Samuel was married on 8 Dec 1914 and signed up for Military Service in 11 May 1915; joining the 6th Infantry Brigade, 22nd Infantry Battalion, 2nd reinforcements. After service in Gallipoli he was transferred to 59th Australian Infantry Battalion and went on to active service in Europe ‏(i.e. on the Somme in France)‏.
Samuel was killed in France the following year.
His wife Mary remarried in 1917 Samuels Military records show a Mary McMahon signing for his medals.

Died In the field France 19-Jul-1916 4
Location Killed in Action in the field France

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2 Registrar General, Great War Index ‏(1914-1920)‏: Marriage, CD-ROM ‏( Melbourne: Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria (August 1997)‏, Aug 1997), Samuel JESSOP and Mary JACOBS.
3 Australian Military Forces, " Record Search," Digital Image, Australian Government, National Archives of Australia‏( ­http­://­www­.­naa­.­gov­.­au­/­collection­/­recordsearch­/­index­.­aspx­: Viewed 2010)‏, Samuel JESSOP; Citing National Archives © Commonwealth of Australia 2010; Series Number B2455, Barcode Ref 7362835.
4 Australian Military Forces, " Record Search," Digital Image, Australian Government, National Archives of Australia‏( ­http­://­www­.­naa­.­gov­.­au­/­collection­/­recordsearch­/­index­.­aspx­: Viewed 2010)‏, Samuel Jessop; Citing National Archives © Commonwealth of Australia 2010;.

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Family with Parents
George II Jessop ‎(I1680)‎
Birth 29 May 1847 33 30 Avenel, Victoria, Australia
Death 14 April 1898 ‏(Age 50)‏ Age: 47 years Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Father's Family with Mary Deane
George II Jessop ‎(I1680)‎
Birth 29 May 1847 33 30 Avenel, Victoria, Australia
Death 14 April 1898 ‏(Age 50)‏ Age: 47 years Fitzroy, Melbourne.
-3 years
Mary Deane ‎(I1236)‎
Birth 1 May 1844 33 28 , Tipperary, Ireland
Death 14 April 1876 ‏(Age 31)‏ Muddy Creek - Murchison, Victoria, Australia

Religious Marriage: 14 February 1870 -- St. Patricks Church, Kilmore, Victoria, by K.Mead Catholic Clergyman
George Augustus Jessop ‎(I1200)‎
Birth 2 April 1872 24 27 Kilmore, Victoria, Australia
Death 30 April 1903 ‏(Age 31)‏ Bardoc - Nth of Kalgoorlie
Family with Private
Samuel Joseph Jessop ‎(I0437)‎
Birth 23 May 1896 48 Katamatite, Victoria, Australia
Death about 26 July 1916 ‏(Age 20)‏ near Fromelles in the frontline trenches of Fleurbaix, France