Edward ‎("Neddie")‎ Stephens Edward ‎("Neddie")‎ Stephens  ‎(I0169)‎
Given Names: Edward ‎("Neddie")‎
Surname: Stephens

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1816 Ireland
Death: 12 December 1887 ‎(Age 71)‎ Forest - NSW
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1816 Ireland

Marriage Margaret Catherine O'Brien - 1842 ‎(Age 26)‎ Ireland

Occupation Farmer

Death 12 December 1887 ‎(Age 71)‎ Forest - NSW

Burial Orange Cemetry - NSW

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Parents Family  (F072)
Andrew Stephens
Mary Fogarty
Edward ‎("Neddie")‎ Stephens
1816 - 1887

Immediate Family  (F064)
Margaret Catherine O'Brien
1815 - 1891
Johanna Stephens
1842 -
Andrew Stephens
1848 - 1874
Catherine Stephens
1849 -
Elizabeth Mary Stephens
1853 -
Mary Stephens
1855 -
Mary Stephens
1855 -
Mary Stephens
1855 -
Edward Thomas Stephens
1859 - 1877


Shared Note

Aged 24 years, farm servant, RC, with wife Catherine, farm servant, aged 26 born 25 July 1815? arrived in Australia on board "William Jardine" 23 Dec 1841 ‎(Vol 57)‎; his name was listed as "Edmund"; their parents were both deceased. Farm servant, RC. came from village in Co.Tipperary. father Andrew, mother Mary.

We know of Edward Stephens ‎(the great-grandfather of John Joseph Stephens Snr)‎ from the official records: most of which were first rediscovered by my mother, Viv Stephens.
Somewhere Viv discovered evidence that I have not seen that Edward was known as Neddie: so that is how I shall refer to him below.

The NSW Archives Genealogical Research Kit directs one's research easily enough through the records.
First, to the shipping lists which indicate that the "William Jardine" arrived in Port Jackson NSW on 22 December 1841.
The immigration lists of the time record that the passengers disembarked the following day.
This 690 ton ship spent 113 days at sea between Plymouth and Sydney, and did not call at any ports along the way.
Captain John Crosbie was the Master of the Ship and William Crouther was the ship's surgeon.
There were 224 passengers on board upon arrival ‎(110 males and 124 females)‎.
There had been five births on the journey and 3 deaths.
Among the deaths were 1 male child under 7 years, 1 adult female and an adult male: Walter O'Brien aged 29 from Kilkenny; he had been travelling with his sister Mary O'Brien, who completed her journey safely; there is no indication of any relationship between Neddie's wife Catherine ‎(an O'Brien from County Tipperary)‎ and these O'Briens from Kilkenny.

The immigration lists record the arrival of Edward Stephens and his wife Catherine Stephens.
They are listed as unassisted passengers.
The records indicate that they were both from the County of Tipperary.
And there is even a reference to a place or town from which they come; however, I found the photographic record of the list ‎(a microfiche)‎ too hard to decipher in reference to this place name.

This needs closer scrutiny by someone more familiar with the place names of Tipperary, the script of the time or perhaps a look at the original immigration list.

There is a reference to Edward being 29, which we know from other evidence is wrong; he was indeed 25 years of age.
His parents are said to be deceased; as also was Catherine's father. Both could read and write; both are Roman Catholic.
The surgeon has recorded them both as healthy on arrival, with a reference to Neddie:"likely to be useful"; his occupation is given as farm labourer and Catherine is listed as a house farm servant.

In relation to Edward Stephens, there has been some additional markings of his folio, written over in a different pen to the majority of the record, with some interesting detail.
Firstly, his Christian name has been written over to read as "Edmund": presumably in error.

There is also the following note at the bottom of his folio, which reads in so far as I can decipher it: "five young females placed in the care of Stephens and his wife; taken by agent at Plymouth: Mary Mallorey, Margaret Murphy, Bridget Langhnane ‎(native of Kew Co Tipperary, RC read)‎, Bridget Lavendar ‎(native of Balwastar, Co Galway, domestic age 20 RC read)‎, Anna ‎(surname indecipherable)‎; unknown to Stephens until about to go back to Plymouth". ‎(this text needs to be cross checked)‎.
Reading on through the ledger there is then separate reference to these women, each with their own page upon each of which there is reference to the fact that they were in the care of Stephens; and as a footnote to some of these folios is written
"unaccepted...see Stephens folio" ‎(or some such)‎ - should recheck this to see what first name is used on these other folios for Stephens; and compile a list of which of these females were in fact annotated in this way.

It is difficult to determine exactly what was meant by all this without closer scrutiny of this register and any other records of the period.

The records indicate that six or seven of the female passengers on board the ship were released into the care of Caroline Chisholm!
These included one or two of the girls who had been in the care of Stephens ‎(double check)‎ and some other females, including an Anne Costello.

The ships load was made up of both assisted and unassisted passengers: however, the immigration list that I looked at had 101 names on it; these were the names of the unassisted passengers, of which Catherine and Edward were two.

Also on this list was a Samuel Myers together with and a variety of Irish and English names.
A couple of large families.
Many were Catholics; but many others as well, listed as Episcopalian, Protestant or in the case of Samuel Myers "Jewish persuasion".

The Sydney Morning Herald for the period came out on 24 December: however, it makes no reference to the William Jardine nor any of her passengers in so far as I can see.
The paper of the time spends a lot of its front page recording the Queens speech to the Opening of Parliament back in London.

At this stage the next steps to further exploring this area is to go back to the microfiche and see if we decipher the name of the town in County Tipperary from which Neddie and Catherine are listed as having come.
Another area of research would be to look at the newspaper record of early Orange.
There was a newspaper, called The Western Examiner, that existed in Orange in the 1860s.
This paper may have some reference to the Stephens family. ‎(1996)‎

Details from register of deaths Date and place of death: 12 December 1887, Forest.
Name and occupation: Edward Stephens, Farmer.
Sex and age: Male 71 years.
Cause of death, Duration of last illness; medical attendant; when he last saw deceased: Apoplexy, 3 days, ?, 11 December 1887.
Name and occupation of father, Name and maiden surname of mother: Andrew Stephens, Farmer, Mary Fogarty.
Informant: Certified of Catherine Stephens, wife, Forest.
Particulars of registration: ?, 4 January 1888, Orange.
When and where buried; name of undertaker: 14
December 1887, ?.
Name and religion of Minister and names of witnesses of burial: Thomas Horan R.C., ?.
Where born, how long in the Australasian Colonies or States: Ireland, 46 years,
Place of marriage, age, and to whom: Ireland, 26,Catherine O'Brien. Children: 4 females living, 2 males deceased.
‎[stephens family tree.FTW]‎

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Family with Parents
Andrew Stephens ‎(I0324)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Mary Fogarty ‎(I0336)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Marriage: Yes
Edward ‎("Neddie")‎ Stephens ‎(I0169)‎
Birth 1816 Ireland
Death 12 December 1887 ‎(Age 71)‎ Forest - NSW
Family with Margaret Catherine O'Brien
Edward ‎("Neddie")‎ Stephens ‎(I0169)‎
Birth 1816 Ireland
Death 12 December 1887 ‎(Age 71)‎ Forest - NSW
-5 months
Margaret Catherine O'Brien ‎(I0313)‎
Birth 25 July 1815
Death 1 November 1891 ‎(Age 76)‎ Spring Hill

Marriage: 1842 -- Ireland
8 months
Johanna Stephens ‎(I1524)‎
Birth 3 September 1842 26 27
Death Yes
Andrew Stephens ‎(I0147)‎
Birth 15 March 1848 32 32 Bathurst, NSW
Death 7 July 1874 ‎(Age 26)‎ Goodrich/ Molong/Forest/Orange
10 months
Catherine Stephens ‎(I1522)‎
Birth 1849 33 33
Death Yes
4 years
Elizabeth Mary Stephens ‎(I0291)‎
Birth 1853 37 37
Death Yes
Mary Stephens ‎(I0279)‎
Birth 1855 39 39
Death Yes
Mary Stephens ‎(I2262)‎
Birth 1855 39 39
Death Yes
Mary Stephens ‎(I3947)‎
Birth 1855 39 39
Death Yes
4 years
Edward Thomas Stephens ‎(I1241)‎
Birth 1859 43 43
Death 1 January 1877 ‎(Age 18)‎ Orange